The Professional Ensemble is a dedicated group of professional actors who perform regularly at The Theater Project.

The Professional Ensemble productions for the 2016-2017 season are:


What makes for a happy life? Nina focuses on the lives of two concentration camp survivors whose fifty-year friendship is being challenged by the death of a daughter. Set in the mid-1980s, the action moves back and forth between the locker room of the Jewish Community Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the lawn of a summer retreat as the two life-long friends struggle to understand their roles as mothers of “American” children who have not suffered—or so they believe.


WINNER of the Neil Simon Festival National New Play Contest in 2015, Cocktails & Travails -- by Maine playwright and actor Brent Askari -- is a wild, madcap comedy about a cocktail party gone awry! Nervous professor Greg Donaldson and his wife Emily are preparing a sensible, sophisticated evening for the uptight tenure committee chairwoman. But the evening doesn’t go as planned: Greg’s uncouth brother and Emily’s unfiltered mother crash the event, hors oeuvres are destroyed, and far too much punch is consumed. And then things really start to go wrong! Come experience this wild romp that’s sure to chase away your winter blues.