The Vitelli Scholarship Fund at The Theater Project


The Vitelli Scholarship Fund, established to celebrate the lives of Mr. and Mrs. James Vitelli by their children, is available to enable young people with financial need to participate in classes at The Theater Project.

We offer opportunities for students in first grade through high school.  Since our beginnings in 1971, part of our mission has been to encourage young people to grow creatively in a safe and supportive environment.

Scholarship aid is limited, and is made on a rolling basis, up to the beginning of a class session. The Vitelli scholarship grants are limited to 50% or less of the tuition for any class.

to apply

Please fill out the Vitelli Scholarship Application form and return it with the class registration form and class deposit. 

Scholarship forms are due before the start of the class session for which aid is requested. Scholarship distributions are made on a rolling basis based on funds available, and applicants are notified of scholarship grants shortly after their application.

We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working with your child at The Theater Project. Please call 729-8584 if you have any questions.

support a child

The Theater Project is committed to working with every young person who wants to try theater and who has tried it and wants to continue. This commitment is made possible only through the generosity of our community. Every donation goes to making theater accessible to every child. We are honored and grateful for any and all contributions. 

You can make a donation to the Vitelli Scholarship Fund online by clicking here, or by mailing us a check, payable to The Theater Project, to 

14 School St
Brunswick, ME

thank you