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We’re back for another summer with four camps, eleven teachers, and almost eighty kids! We’ll be playing around with original scripts and fun characters - wizards and zombies and screens, oh my! -, learning through theater exercises and team building, and pulling it all together for two “show-lets” and two weekend runs. You don’t want to miss what these awesome and energetic kids can do in just two weeks, so check out our show listings below!



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july 12 - 14 & 19 - 21
Fri., Sat. & SUn. at 6:30
no entrance fee

Bring a blanket or lawn chair and a snack and enjoy one of the Bard’s classic comedies! Let us carry you away on a magical romp into the heart of the forest. Under the trees, enemies fall in love, an actor becomes an ass, and the fairy kingdom battles over a servant boy. All because of a mischievous fairy named Puck. You don’t want to miss it!

No entrance fee or reservations necessary. After the show, we’ll “pass the hat” for you to contribute a donation if you can!


July 19 - 21
Fri. & Sat. at 7:30
Sun. at 2:00

Mercilessly teased on account of her last name, Sally Butts plots revenge on her chief tormentors, the popular Jack and Mikayla Slade. Sally and her friends - who have unfortunate last names themselves - launch Sally’s campaign for school president against Jack. To beat him, they’ll have to overcome dirty tricks, cruel graffiti, bad puns, parents who quote poetry, and an excessive amount of glitter. Can a girl named Butts really become president?

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August 9 - 11
Fri. & Sat. at 7:30
Sun. at 2:00

“No screens for a week!” Billie Sulpak’s mother says in a voice she reserves for moments when Billie has done something really, really wrong. His math test is in her hand, the bright red F glaring at him. Billie immediately runs to his room with tears in his eyes and slams the door. A week with out his screen is about the worst thing he can imagine. He grabs his iPad and screams, “I wish I could use my screen forever!” He starts to play a game on his iPad and suddenly Billie is sucked inside the screen, trapped in his handheld device. The only way to escape will be to rediscover things that keep him connected to the outside world.


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