Photo by Molly Haley

We are a year-round non-profit professional theater in the heart of downtown Brunswick, Maine. We are committed to offering the community stimulating performances that encourage audiences and participants to think and feel, to laugh and cry.

Our educational programming enables participants of all ages to take risks, to discover their creative spirit while problem solving and working together, and to take responsibility for what they accomplish.

Our main goal as educators is to express and explain the significance of working together as a group. Through the introduction and application of basic acting techniques and improvisational exercises, students learn creative problem solving as well has how to think quickly and work thoughtfully.

For us, it’s not about the product, it's about the process.

The Theater Project is like home.
— Wendy Poole

our history

In 1986 The Theater Project purchased an important historical landmark as a facility to entertain and educate the members of this community well into the next millennium. Built in 1827, this building is located in the heart of downtown Brunswick, and continues to serve as an integral part of the community. The purchase of this beautifully preserved building has enabled The Theater Project to grow into a small but thriving year-round theater facility.

our mission

To change young and old; to enrich and inspire their living, and to provide a safe environment for original and dynamic exploration.


Artistic director Al miller's thoughts
on the theater project

What I have loved most about our work has been the ways it has empowered young people to pursue their dreams, go after what they want. They have no guarantee they will achieve what they want because there are no guarantees on life's path. they may not see all the potholes or the detours. however, if they are pursuing something they want, they'll accomplish it or discover alternatives along the way. 

Our work has engaged young people because, ultimately, the work is theirs. They are challenged to solve problems, learn how to work with others to create something dynamic they can present to other people and move them to laughter, tears, thoughts, wonder. That's exciting. I would like to do this work for another forty years, but I'll settle for as many as I get. This "little theater" does many things, and I am grateful to Wendy for her leadership and to all the others, young and old, I have been fortunate to work with and learn from. 


Executive director Wendy poole's thoughts
on the theater project

What struck me the moment I started working with Al Miller is the respect he showed towards kids. He treated them as equals. He was interested in their ideas, and thoughts and wanted them to collaborate with him on a play, project, or class. He never talked down to them and held them responsible for the choices they made. 

I am a better teacher and human being because I watched, learned, and worked with Al. I learned so much from him; he was put on this earth to teach children. 

The Theater Project is like home. We hear that all the time. A place where you can come back and your family is there to give you a hug or listen to your stories. A place you feel safe and know that no one is judging you. We emphasize that all the time in our work. We don't care if you don't like someone or have differences with them - on stage, you must collaborate and work together as a team.