Why Do Live Theater?

As we approach our 48th season, I am fascinated by this question: why do live theater? I often think about why people choose to leave the comfort and convenience of their homes to watch a live play? Why drive all the way to a theater instead of staying home and streaming on-demand entertainment? Ultimately, live theater is about community. I believe that we all strive and long for connection…connection with other people and different ideas, we seek inspiration and authentic witness to truth. Live theater consistently delivers all of that (and more). When we choose to see a play, we sit with a group of strangers, in the dark, watching a story, living the same moment. Our shared experience is at once the same and different: we might disagree, perhaps we debate the outcome, our emotions will vary but the bottom line is that we all shared it, we all experienced it…together. This is storytelling, plain and simple. This enduring, compelling tradition has been around forever. We want to tell our stories, we want to hear the stories of others. And guess what? It’s what we’ve been doing here on School Street in Brunswick for 48 years!

To continue to bring you exceptionally engaging live theater, we really need your help. Every season we start at zero; we must raise enough money to support all of the productions and programs for the year. The Theater Project is funded by ticket sales, contributions, program fees, ad sales, grants, and sponsors. Our annual operating budget is $170,000. This cost includes everything: staff, teachers, actors, directors and technical crew, production expenses, utilities and heat, technology and supplies, advertising and mailings. The Theater Project board, the staff and I are dedicated to bringing our audiences extraordinary live theater and we are committed to upholding these same high standards with our youth classes and camps. We are Midcoast Maine’s year-round theater and we are in the heart of downtown Brunswick. You are our community - please come join us!

Every dollar counts - it really does and we appreciate it all!
Every single dollar that we receive from our patrons counts!

We could not do what we do here at The Theater Project without your gracious and generous help. Thank you.


Wendy Poole
Executive Director