The Theater Project offers performances, workshops, residencies and school matinees in its Outreach program. Our main goal as educators is to introduce basic acting techniques, but more importantly to express and explain the significance of working together as a group. We want to demonstrate that everyone is important to making a show or a class a success. For us, it’s not about the product, it's about the process. Using well-known books as a vehicle to introduce theater games and exercises, each class will come up with their interpretation of the stories.

Performances: The Theater Project prepares customized performances comprising stories from cultures that schools are studying. With sufficient notice, actors from The Theater Project's professional ensemble will develop a program based on a school's curriculum. This may include one or more performances, workshops with students and teachers, and a study guide.

Workshops and Residencies: The Theater Project has been conducting workshops and residencies throughout Maine and New England and beyond for thirty-five years. The focus of our workshops is always based on the needs of a school or classroom. Our theater workshops help develop initiative, cooperation, communication, risk-taking and problem solving, all attributes that are essential in a learning environment.

The Theater Project is available for single workshops, a day of workshops, as well as for residencies lasting from one to several weeks. Residencies may be concentrated or spread over a school year. We are available all year for these interactive programs. Our goal is to tailor our programs to meet the needs and objectives of your school. Al Miller has been doing this outreach work for over 40 years, and Wendy Poole has been doing it for nearly 20. In that time they, and the others who work with them, have discovered a myriad of ways theater works as an educational resource. They seldom encounter a student who isn't engaged in these workshops.

Matinees: The Theater Project also offers school matinees of productions on our season schedule. We can seat 80 in our theater on School Street in Brunswick. Our Young Company (high school actors) productions are available for a limited number of matinees, as are our Company productions (profession ensemble). Bring your students to a production with all the trimmings: lights, sound, costumes, set, and most important, action!

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