Photo by  Molly Haley

Photo by Molly Haley

director and president’s notes:
Inherit the wind

director’s notes

I must say that my interest in directing a production of Inherit The Wind at this time is unabashedly political. Written in the 1950’s as a comment on the dark years of the McCarthy Trials and metaphorically based on an incident in 1925, it is obviously outdated in language and style, but it is precisely that which I find remarkable. These many decades later, in addition to the ever-present assaults on freedom of thought and expression and the entrenched political ideology of fear mongering, the refutation of science in relation to the environment as well as evolution is disturbingly, frighteningly still with us.

I’m immensely grateful for this group of actors and designers. What luck to have been able to assemble this many talented and dedicated individuals at the same time for this rather unique production.  They’ve worked tirelessly and selflessly and endured the snow and cold and attendant winter ailments with humor and grace. I admire each and every one of them and can’t thank them enough.

These are tough times for our country right now. If we keep talking, listening, looking for mutual understanding, and, perhaps, most importantly, voting we’ll move forward with regained spirit and pride.

Thanks for coming and enjoy the show.

Christopher Price


president’s notes

Welcome! It feels like spring might be on the way…the days are getting longer and warmer.  By now we may have all just adjusted to Daylight Savings Time.  This winter has been a very busy season for the board. In our meetings we have been discussing finances, fundraising and plans to make The Theater Project more successful.  The auction April 26  is shaping up to be very exciting with lots of great items from local vendors and even some trips.  We hope to see you all there at The Daniel at 6:30pm. But I am getting ahead of myself…tonight you are here to see Inherit the Wind.

This play has a very special group sponsorship Friends of Seeking Civility which is a group of local residents who feel that this play can help to spark conversations about the role of civil discourse and science in our society today. This is a very special sponsorship because it is made up of small donations from many people - a grass roots approach to sponsorship. As the French say “plus ca change plus c’est la meme” which means the more things change the more they are the same.  This play reflects that there continues to be a conflict between science, politics and religion.  I hope you all enjoy the show and that it sparks fruitful discussions with family and friends.

Nina Roth-Wells